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Neolegal Inc. website www.on.neolegal.ca (the « Website »), which mostly provides, but is not limited to articles, publications, videos, information, data and other documentation (the « Content »). The Website is put at your disposal provided you comply with these terms and conditions of use (« Terms and Conditions »). By accessing or using the Website, you agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions.

1. Modifications to the Terms and Conditions : Neolegal Inc. can modify the Website and its content and/or services described on the Website at any time.

2. Absence of legal notice : The content provided on the Website is exclusively for general information purposes. It does not give legal advice or notice of any nature whatsoever and may not be used for commercial or professional purposes. No one should choose to act or not to act solely based on the content of this Website, without having initially sought legal advice or some other professional. The content of the Website is made available as a service only.

3. No lawyer-client relationship : No lawyer-client, consultant, fiduciary or other relationship, is established when you access or use the Website in whatever way, with the exception of any activity related to the purchase of a service by means of the virtual legal portal.

4. Refund policy : If we realize after your purchase that this product is not suitable for you, we will offer you a product more suited to your needs. For details of our refund policy, please see below.

5. Website : Neolegal Inc. does not guarantee the quality, accuracy or completeness of the Website content. The information is provided "such as what ', without warranty or condition of any kind. This Website may contain inaccuracies or typographical errors. In no case shall Neolegal Inc. be held responsible for damages, regardless of their nature, including and not limited to special, indirect or consequential, damages arising out of or in relation to the use or the interpretation of the content available on the Website.

6. Virus : You agree to perform any download of the content at your own risk. Neolegal Inc. does not guarantee that the Website or its content are compatible with your systems or that the Website or its contents contain no viruses, worms, Trojan horses or harmful devices or some other code containing destructive properties. You are responsible for taking precautions to protect the security and integrity of your computer system.

7. Electronic communications : Neolegal Inc. can communicate with you or other people to mainly provide documents using various forms of electronic communications, including but not limited to e-mail. You can also correspond with Neolegal Inc. or send documents by electronic means. These electronic communications may contain confidential or privileged information, unless you ask not to send these data electronically. It is possible that electronic communications are intercepted or blurred by third parties or they may contain computer viruses.

8. Indemnity : You agree to defend and protect Neolegal Inc., its subsidiaries and affiliates, and their officers, agents, partners and employees, against any loss, liability, claim, or demand, including reasonable attorney fees, by reason or due to poor use of the Website.

9. Ownership : The Website and its contents are the exclusive property of Neolegal Inc. and/or its licensors. You agree not to reproduce, duplicate, copy, sell, resell or exploit for commercial purposes, in whole or in part, the Website or the content other than what is expressly authorized by Neolegal Inc. in writing. You acknowledge and agree that all rights, title and interests present on the Website and its contents are the exclusive property of Neolegal Inc. The unauthorized use, without limitation, of the brand, the logo or the services of Neolegal Inc. is prohibited and may be a violation of federal and provincial laws on the protection of marks.

10. Applicable law : These terms and conditions are governed by the laws of the province of Ontario and the laws applicable to the Canada and these same laws are applicable to the use of the Website and/or the content, and regardless of your place of domicile, residence or physical location when connecting to the Website. The Website and its content are intended for use in the territories where they can legally be offered to this end.

Privacy Policy

Neolegal Inc. agrees to act on behalf of the customer, exclusively for the purposes of the provision of Services previously limited by the specific (package) program subscribed.

Neolegal Inc. declares to be bound in its name and that of its lawyers by the Code of ethics of advocates, the rules of the Ontario Bar, and all other laws or regulations to applicable to the contractual relationship herein.

Neolegal Inc. on its behalf and on behalf of its representatives is committed to act with loyalty and transparently, in the interest of his client, and in accordance with the customs and practices of the legal profession.

Upon subscription of a Service, Neolegal Inc. will keep the Client's file according to its internal rules, as well as all the information provided, in its servers to be used internally and this all along the contractual relationship between the Parties. Beyond the service delivered, Neolegal Inc. is authorized to keep or destroy the customer’s electronic file unless notified by the latter. Neolegal Inc. will not withhold or require the customer’s original document. The customer is responsible for all the original documents contained in his legal file.

Neolegal Inc. commits to respecting the privacy and confidentiality of all the customer’s personal information. All conversations between the Client and a representative of Neolegal Inc. can be saved for quality control purposes and to meet the Code of ethics of advocates. Such information provided by the customer to the representative of Neolegal Inc. enjoy the protection of the law on the protection of personal information (Canada) and of professional secrecy. Neolegal Inc. cannot share this information with third parties without the express consent of the customer or as required by the law.


All information, content and material, available on this Website, in any form whatsoever, are given for information purposes only. They do not represent the opinions, professional, legal, or accounting advice. They should not, in any case, be considered a substitute for the advice or services of a notary or lawyer. You should not base your intention to take or not to take measures that are needed or not based on the information, content or material hosted on this Website. Never disregard professional legal advice or delay seeking legal advice because of something you have read on this Website. Contact our Neolegal Inc. team for advice on your legal issues. Any information contained on this Website may be subject to change and this without prior notice.

Service and Refund Policy

Service policy

In its desire to make legal services more accessible through its website, Neolegal Inc. is committed to complete applications and deliver services ordered as quickly as possible to satisfy its customers. For this, Neolegal Inc. will treat its customers’ service orders made on the website web neolegal.ca as soon as possible, following receipt of the request. If additional information is required to enable the service to be delivered, Neolegal Inc. will request it from the customer within two (2) working days of receipt of the online application. For services requiring a customized consultation with a lawyer of Neolegal Inc., any consultation will be scheduled at the chosen time of receipt of request by the customer, unless delays on its part. Please note that for any change or cancellation of an appointment, you must notify Neolegal, by telephone or through this portal, a minimum of 72 hours in advance, otherwise certain charges apply.

Please note: before taking your case, we are legally obliged to ensure that the opposing party is NOT in conflict with any Neolegal lawyer. As the opposing party is a company registered in Ontario, we must perform a research of all their administrators. Unfortunately the search at the Ontario Business Registry is not a complimentary service.

Therefore, two options are available:
1. You can obtain the business profile by yourself on:https://www.ontario.ca/page/ontario-business-registry
2. Or we can perform the search for you for $97 plus tax and obtain the results within 48 hours.

Refund Policy

Please note that if you wish to cancel your appointment, you must notify us at least 72 hours in advance, or you will be required to pay the fee for the legal consultation, which will vary depending on the type of package, in order to proceed with the case. For any other modifications, after the purchase has been made, please be aware that the administrative and technological usage fees for your file are non-refundable. As for the legal portion, including the legal service and fiduciary fees, the billable fee will vary depending on the progress of the case. In its commitment to making legal services more accessible through its website, Neolegal Inc. undertakes to complete requests and provide services as quickly as possible to satisfy its clients. If additional information is required to complete the service, Neolegal Inc. will request it through the client portal. Subsequently, a telephone appointment with the lawyer for consultation will be scheduled.

What is Neolegal?

Neolegal, a Canadian company, wants to facilitate the access to justice by providing legal services in a simple, fast and cost-effective way through intelligent use of technology via our web platform, package pricing and lawyers working together as a team.

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