Cohabitation agreement

A cohabitation agreement can be made by two people who are living together in a romantic relationship, even if they never intend to marry.

Cohabitation agreements are also referred to as “domestic contracts” or “living together agreements.”

Cohabitation agreements are used to establish the rights and obligations of each party in the event of a separation or breakup with respect to property and spousal support. These agreements are most commonly made to describe the parties’ respective financial interests in jointly-owned property, such as a house purchased together.

Cohabitation agreements generally continue to have effect if the parties choose to get married and in that case, will the define the parties’ rights in separation or divorce, unless stated otherwise.

For a cohabitation agreement in Ontario to have the best chances of being enforceable, each person must provide the other with complete information about their income, assets, and debts. If one party fails to disclose important financial information, the marriage contract may be considered invalid. Your lawyer will assist you with the process of exchanging financial disclosure.

Please note that a lawyer can only represent one party to a cohabitation agreement. It is important, for this reason, and to ensure the validity of the agreement, that the other spouse obtains independent advice from another lawyer before signing the agreement. The cost of doing so is not included in fees paid to Neolegal.
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