Uncontested Divorce

A simple uncontested divorce is one that neither party objects to and refers only to the process of legally ending the marriage.

This procedure is typically used where no other key issues such as property issues or support are in dispute and have already been resolved either in a separation agreement or Court Order.

An uncontested divorce can be requested by either spouse without the other’s consent. Spouses who agree to divorce and legally end their marriage can use the simple uncontested divorce procedure or file a joint application for divorce.

A divorce can only be granted by a Court and certain requirements must be met to obtain a Divorce in Ontario.

  • The person applying must have been a resident in Ontario for at least one year at the time that they apply.
  • The spouses generally must also have been separated for at least one year.
  • If the parties have dependent children, arrangements for the payment of child support in accordance with Federal legislation must be in place.
  • A true copy of your marriage certificate or marriage license is also required.

Other requirements may be discussed during your consultation.

  • A phone call of unlimited duration with one of our lawyers experienced in Family law
  • Drafting of divorce application and other required documents
  • Process servicing (throughout Ontario), plus filing
  • 1 Certificate of Divorce
  • Court fees included
  • Accessible throughout Ontario
    • This service includes 1 attempt to serve. Additional attempts can be made at the request of the client.
    • Please note the following requirements:
      1. The two parties have been separated for 1 year
      2. At least 1 party has lived in Ontario for 1 year
      3. Other issues such as child care, support, and property, are resolved.
    • Elements included in the package price: divorce fees ($212), place application on list for hearing ($420), obtain divorce certificate ($24), and process server fee for one attempt ($195)
  • Expertise and guidance: Your Neolegal lawyer will work with you to understand your situation and guide you to the best legal solution for your case.
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