Enforcement of Court Judgment

In Ontario, when a court issues a judgment in a legal dispute, the winning party may still need to take additional steps to enforce the judgment.

Enforcement of court judgment refers to the process of taking legal action to ensure that the losing party complies with the terms of the judgment.

In practical terms, this often involves attempting to collect a monetary award that has been ordered by the court. For example, if a court has awarded damages to the winning party in a lawsuit, the winning party may need to take further steps to collect the money owed to them.

There are several remedies available to enforce a court judgment in Ontario, including: * garnishing wages or bank accounts * seizing assets * obtaining a court order for the sale of property

The specific method used will depend on the circumstances of the case and the assets available to the losing party.

In most cases, enforcement of Small Claims judgements will begin with an examination of the debtor, which is a court hearing that the defendant is required to attend, and where they will be required to provide financial information that you can use to take additional steps such as garnishing a wage or seizing property.

Your lawyer will help you prepare the request for the examination and prepare for the hearing.
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